Neal Adams Talks ‘Deadman’

September 22, 2017

Comic book legend Neal Adams talks Deadman, his upcoming series from DC Comics.


Superman Is For Everyone

September 19, 2017

In light of a recent controversy in the comics industry, Russ recorded a little rant about the meaning of Superman. It touches on elements of Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeThe Punisher, and Wonder Woman, so while it is nominally a Panel Discussions episode, we are also releasing it through the main ECV channel for broader exposure.

This episode is also SUPER ROUGH, largely because it is going to be adapted to a video essay soon and then the audio from that will be extracted to replace this episode. So if you like the raw, uncut energy of...whatever this is, then download it now. Soon, it will be much more shiny.

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Talking to Len Wein About Metal Men, Storytelling, and More

September 11, 2017

Yesterday, the comics industry mourned the loss of Len Wein.

While Wein was best known as the co-creator of Wolverine and Swamp Thing, he created dozens of characters in his nearly fifty-year career and wrote or edited notable runs on many more, including The Amazing Spider-ManThe Fantastic FourCrisis on Infinite Earths, and Watchmen.

When DC launched their Legends of Tomorrow anthology series in 2016, Wein was one of a number of comics creators to whom I spoke about his role in the book (he wrote the Metal Men segments).

The files went missing at the time, and the interview never saw the light of day. When the audio of our conversation resurfaced months later, there was no real news hook to attach it to, so I filed it away for the next time there was a big story involving Wein, or the Metal Men.

With the passing of a giant in the comics industry, I was left thinking about the times I had met Len; he was a warm and good-humored man who was generous of his time and insight. I hope that in some small way, presenting my final interview with Len Wein in its entirety (notwithstanding some editing for static fuzz and other such technical issues) helps give some listeners an insight into the man.


Jon Bogdanove Looks Back on 20 Years Since Electric Superman

March 7, 2017

Emerald City Video Podcast host and senior staff writer Russ Burlingame sits down to talk with longtime Superman: The Man of Steel artist Jon Bogdanove about his role in -- and recollections of -- the "Electric Superman" era, which turns 20 next week.



May 22, 2012


This week we're joined by Greg Rucka, a giant in comics and a terrific novelist who tackled espionage and adventure like few others out there. You can check out his site, follow him on Twitter or buy his new book, Alpha (out today) at Barnes & Noble or Amazon. And consider checking out Bad Medicine, a book Greg recommends. No music this week, although I've got a band at work right now recording something special for the show. Look for that to drop soon! Check out an excerpt from this week's interview below, and download the episode here. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed (even if I don't know how it works), follow me on Twitter for more updates throughout the week or like the Panel Discussions Facebook page (linked above). The show is sponsored by Single Bound Studios. And as an added-value bonus, you get about ten minutes of Greg and Russ just shooting the breeze before the tape was supposed to be running. Luckily, nothing dangerous appears to have been included but somehow in the editing process an earlier version of the talk got included in the show. D'oh. The "real" interview starts around the 18:30 mark. There are also a few naughty words, so be warned.